FIBERSHAPES Material Properties

The test results shown below are for typical coupon properties of FIBERSHAPES structural fiberglass shapes and plate. Properties are derived per the ASTM method shown. Synthetic surfacing veil and ultraviolet inhibitors are standard.

Mechanical Properties ASTM Units Value
Tensile Stress, LW D-638 psi/Mpa 30,000/206.8
Tensile Stress, CW D-638 psi/Mpa 7,000/48.2
Tensile Modulus, LW D-638 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 2.5/17.2
Tensile Modulus, CW D-638 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 0.8/5.5
Compressive Stress, LW D-695 psi/MPA 30,000/206.8
Compressive Stress, CW D-695 psi/Mpa 15,000.103.4
Compressive Modulus, LW D-695 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 2.5/17.2
Compressive Modulus, CW D-695 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 1.0/6.9
Flexural Stress, LW D-790 psi/Mpa 30,000/206.8
Flexural Stress, CW D-790 psi/Mpa 10,000/68.9
Flexural Modulus, LW D-790 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 2.5/17.2
Flexural Modulus, CW D-790 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 0.8/5.5
Modulus of Elasticity Full Section 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 2.8/19.3
Shear Modulus - 10 ⁶psi/Gpa 0.45/3.1
Short Beam Shear D-2344 psi/Mpa 4,500/31
Bearing Stress, LW D-953 psi/Mpa 30,000/206.8
Izod Impact, LW D-256 ft-lbs/in/J-mm 25/1.33
Izod Impact, CW D-256 ft-lbs/in/J-mm 4/0.21


Physical Properties ASTM Units Value
Barcol Hardness D-2583 - 45
24 Hour Water Absorption D-570 % Max 0.45
Density D-792 lbs/in ³/gm/cc 0.0686/2
Coeff. Of Termal Expansion, LW D-696 10⁻⁶in/in/⁰C 8
10⁻⁶mm/mm/⁰C 8


Electrical Properties ASTM Untis Value
Arc Resistance, LW D-495 sec 120
Dielectric Strength, LW D-149 kv/in 35
Dielectric Strength, PF D-149 volts/mil 200
Dielectric Constant, PF D-150 @60hz 5


Flammability Properties ASTM Units Value
Tunnel Test E-84 Flame Spread  25 max
Flammability Properties D-635 - Non-Burning